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Nini Love

November, 2022 Archive

Nov 21

Last week was Nini’s one month ampuversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since that scary night I came downstairs to a cat who couldn’t stand up and an emergency room visit. But we are getting through it! There are ups and downs, but mostly ups, and I am just so happy that […]

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Nov 14

Nini had her oncology visit a few days ago. The doctor was very sweet and knowledgeable and we had a good chat about Nini. She is not recommending chemo. She stated the statistics (that I already found through this site), that 40% of cats with osteosarcoma will get another tumor, usually within a year or […]

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Nov 07

I’ll give the headline up front: I’m glad I decided to amputate Nini’s leg. Nini got her stitches out! The tech said the incision looked great and healed really well. Woohoo! The next day I got a call from the doctor, with the pathology results.  Nini does have cancer – osteosarcoma. It was a malignant […]

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Nov 03

Everything is still going really well with Nini. She seems to be alternating between a day of sleeping on the bed under the covers and a day where she’s more active, and wants to be outside or move around the bedroom more. I’m trying to let her take the lead in terms of her level […]

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