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Nini Love

Oct 31

Nini continues to make great progress! She’s eating well and drinking lots of water, and everything in the litter box is going well. She’s off her hardcore opioid painkillers, but I’m keeping her on 200mg of gabapentin for a least the next couple days. She does not seem to be in any kind of major pain, which I was a little worried about.

I’m still haven’t worked out a good sleeping arrangement with her. A couple nights ago I set her up in her x-pen with a heating pad, space heater set to a comfortable temp, and put a fitted sheet over the x-pen so she couldn’t get out. A couple hours after I go to bed, I hear her bumping up against the x-pen. She had pulled down the sheet and was trying to jump out! OMG cat!

So, I’ve just had her up on the bed with us and so far she hasn’t jumped off – she always wakes me up first. This is not ideal for me, since I’m still only getting a couple hours sleep at a time. I’ve resigned to the fact that it’s going to be like this until she gets her stitches out. Which is only another week. I can make it till then.

She’s also been moving into other places in the house. Yesterday she wanted to go upstairs, and I carried her up, and we had some lovely snuggle time on the couch. She actually managed to make it all the way down the stairs by herself before I could catch her. And she has been able to use her scratching post. And she’s still getting some outside time. Although she really prefers to spend most of her time in her fort on the bed, under the covers. I guess that’s where she feels the safest and most comfortable.

Still really encouraged and hopeful about her recovery!

Nini and her sister, Raspy, basking in the sun

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  1. jerry
    9:12 pm - 11-1-2022

    Awwww what a sweet photo. As much as she is keeping you on your toes, and sleep-deprived, you seem to have a really good intuition about what she wants and is going to attempt to do. You’re right: it’s not forever!

    Thanks for all the details. Paws crossed for more sun basking and mellow, restful days (without escape attempts!)

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