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Nini Love

Nov 03

Everything is still going really well with Nini. She seems to be alternating between a day of sleeping on the bed under the covers and a day where she’s more active, and wants to be outside or move around the bedroom more. I’m trying to let her take the lead in terms of her level of activity. Even when she has a day where she sleeps the whole time, she is still bright and alert when she is awake, so I haven’t been worried about her getting depressed or too bored being stuck in a smaller space.

I got her some stairs to help her get up onto the bed. She took to them immediately. I used treats to get her to use them the first time, then after that she used them on her own. With one caveat – she only likes going up them. She really doesn’t want to use them to go down. So I do have to entice her with treats going down.

I’ve taken her down to one dose of gabapentin a day – I give one pill only at night. She hasn’t shown any signs of being in pain.

I think the only pain she’s in is my constant presence and watchful eye. I’m trying to give Nini as much independence and as much of her normal life during this early recovery stage. But it does mean that I have to watch her like a hawk when she’s grooming without the cone collar, and stop her before she gets to her stitches. Or if we go outside I can’t let her jump off the lounge chair. Nini does not like to be told ‘No’ and I think she’s getting sick of hearing that word from me. I’m not a parent, but I imagine it’s a tiny bit like having a toddler – can’t take your eyes off them and always telling them no!

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  1. jerry
    4:00 am - 11-4-2022

    Nini is such an independent girl, even moreso than most kitties. And she’s smart! Using stairs already? YEAH! Go girl!

    As for her willingness to go up and not down, that has me puzzled. Most rear-leg amputee animals have a harder time going UP than down because they lose propulsion power with one rear leg gone. Not sure why she’s nervous about descending.

    Taking a Tripawd through recovery really tests our ability to encourage and not baby, to recognize and embrace a new normal without being sad about it. In your posts I can tell that you are doing an excellent job managing to these things so well. Your watchful eye is just enough attention to what she’s doing, even if she’s not pleased about it. Great job!!

    P.S Would love to hear more about your wildlife biologist work at some point!

    • ninilove
      3:44 pm - 11-4-2022

      To recognize and embrace a new normal without being sad about it. That is so beautifully put, Jerry. That is exactly where I am with Nini. Our life with Nini will be different going forward, but I’m so optimistic about it! I’m just so happy that she is still here with us. I have moments where I am a little sad but mostly I’m so grateful.
      And I’ll try to work in a bit about my work at some point 😉

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